E intercept system

Through the use of data-enabled handheld units, Asisa has developed a platform that allows clients to get immediate, real time results from the field; in multiple locations, cities or countries. The system is so user friendly that it can be used both for interviewing and for self administered surveys. Through the use of the e-intercept interviewing system, your results will go from the respondent to your screen literally in a few seconds.

CATI Center

We operate a fifteen station CATI center with English/Spanish interviewers including cutting edge VoIP technology, predictive dialing, digital recording and CATI platform for surveys and quota control.

OnLine Surveys, Panels and Focus Groups

On-Line research has quickly evolved into one of the main sources of primary contact with consumers and key people in business. Asisa works with several platforms and databases to reach those specific segments of the population that simply cannot be reached using other techniques. While we know that the Internet is just another way to reach our research goals, we have taken special care in selecting suppliers of respondents and software, allowing us to give you a wider range of research options with more reasonable costs.

mCAPI System

Using this the mCAPI system, Asisa has been able to complete 25,000 interviews and deliver 33 complete reports in just over seven days. Even though face to face surveys are not widely used in the U.S., Asisa was one of the first companies to implement such system in Latin America, where the technique is still widely in use. With 300+ handheld computer units and our in-house-developed CAPI platform, our system offers significantly higher quality controls and increased delivery speed for your research projects all around the Americas.