About Asisa Research

Our firm specializes in full service market research projects in the Caribbean and the United States. We take pride on our most valuable principle “Local Knowledge with a Global Perspective”, mastering multi-country / global market research, by considering different cultures, generations and languages and delivering useful recommendations for brands.

Diversity is intertwined in our culture, from our recruitment process to our training policies for all levels (executives, interviewers, recruiters, programmers and analysts). Our portfolio of products include various market studies ranging from qualitative to quantitative services, both full service and field support.

Market Research

We currently operate three regional units (North America, Central America / Caribbean, South America), achieving a regional coverage of over 95% of the population in the American continent.

Asisa Research Group and its LatNet Research Network are members of the following organizations:

  • ESOMAR: European Society for Marketing Research.
  • QRCA: Qualitative Research Consultants Association.
  • APSA: American Political Science Association.
  • AMA: American Marketing Association.
  • ADEIMO: Asociación Dominicana de Investigadores de Mercado.

Market Research

ASISA Research has conducted over 700,000 surveys and over 5,000 focus groups, 2,000 in-depth interviews (IDIs) and 1,000 ethnographies. Our firm has vast experience with hybrid methodologies (face to face interviews, telephone surveys, online surveys, intercepts) and hard to reach populations (B2B segments, high-end professionals, upper class segments, opinion leaders).

Market Research Specialties:

  • Ad Tracking
  • Ad Evaluation Panel (Perception Analyzer)
  • Advertising Research – pre or post launch.
  • Base – Market Study
  • Brand equity research
  • Brand association research
  • Brand attribute research
  • Brand name testing
  • Concept testing
  • Buyer decision process

  • Copy testing
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Demand estimation
  • Distribution channel audits
  • Exit Polls (election day)
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Mystery shopping
  • Package Testing
  • Positioning research
  • Price elasticity testing

  • Public Opinion Polls
  • Political polls
  • Sales forecasting
  • Segmentation research
  • Social Studies
  • Speech Testing (political)
  • Online panel – Social Network users
  • Store audit
  • Test marketing
  • Viral / Blog / Social Research