Local Knowledge, Global Perspective ®.

Our network of research experts both in our branch offices and research partners along every country in the Americas, have allowed us to maintain a competitive advantage in terms of applying our cross-country knowledge with the expertise of local experts in each country we conduct research projects.

Asisa’s leading vision in marketing and public opinion research has guided its growth since the company was created in 1988. Our promise to our customers is sustained by our deeply rooted standards, on which all of our staff and executives are highly compromised and integrated:


Actionable Results

Asisa transforms insights and research results into actionable solutions that allow our clients to successfully compete in their local environment in the global market context.

Understanding Differences

To provide relevant solutions, a profound knowledge of local elements is required. The only way to understand habits, attitudes and conduct is the knowledge of these elements and its multiple connections while acknowledging the particularities of the research subject on a global and local context.


Background Diversity

Asisa offers a network of consultants with specific areas of expertise in one single research supplier. We don’t do everything; we have found the people that do almost everything.

Applied Technology

New technology has re-shaped almost every aspect of our lives. The use of new equipment and software make processes more efficient and allow us to develop new techniques to get the information our clients need.

 Methodological Strength

Asisa’s executive team of researchers comes from an academic background. In this context, our goal is to assure the implementation of rigorous methodological standards into commercial and public opinion research. These standards assure data quality, homogeneity and certainty when acting on results.