Asisa has developed and registered numerous methodologies and studies for many of the usual research problems our clients face.

Most of our products combine qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as specific statistical models and analysis methodologies to achieve unique actionable results that can be applied on a local, regional or global scale on every type of corporation:

Business to Consumer (B2C)


The most complete customer satisfaction study available today. TCSI gives you 360 degree view your degree view of current situation: from your employe’s POV to your customer’s POV.

Acid Test

The quick test and least expensive method to test your TV, Radio or print ads. Results in 48 hrs.


Whether you are entering a new category or just need to refresh your markets panoramic view, X-Plara helps you understand your customers… and your competitors customers.


Segmentation beyond socio-psycho-demographics. Segments offers a unique hybrid approach and custom analysis tools to generate meaningful segmentation and track their trends.

Business to Business (B2B)

Decision Pro

If you sell your products and services to other businesses, Decision Pro offers the right approach to untangle the decision making process for your industry.


MXP gives you a complete overview of the status of your business operation: from channels of distribution to points of sale and customers.


The world’s most comprehensive E-panel of business decision makers all across America.


Using our ver own TCSI customer satisfaction measuring methodology, TCSI-B applies a hybrid set of techniques for de development of successful satisfaction models and tracking.

Employees (Human Resources)


If you need “the big picture” and establish a regular tracking system for the work environment and inter-departmental relationships, Clab offers the least expensive way for you to do so.


Do you know how engaged your employees are with your brand?
Brand Engagement Barometer measures the intensity of the involvement of your most important resource and helps you track their way to becoming “brand advocates”.


Align is the low-cost concise instrument to measure employee alignment with corporate goals and objectives at every level.


Internal satisfaction audit that diagnoses, establishes a baseline survey and tracks changes in satisfaction within departments and measures their impact on your external customers satisfaction.